Hey! I'm Matteo Pelosi

Front-end & Mobile Developer.
Based in Mantova, Italy.

About Me

My name is Matteo Pelosi. I'm a Front-end & Mobile Developer, based in Mantova, Italy.

I develop compelling designs that spring to life using transition and animations that suit my clients, using the most sophisticated technologies available today for fully interactive and responsive websites and apps.

I love working with agencies and brands to help them realise their goal of creating truly outstanding digital properties that get them and their clients the results they need.

I’m passionate about the power of code and structures in developing a great new design, and JavaScript and derivative frameworks like React offer me endless and fascinating possibilities in designing the right solution for companies around the world.

In my spare time, I like play as a DJ and produce electronic music, I invite you to listen to my album on my Soundcloud artist page


Quality & Responsive Websites

Quality is the first thing that I think of while working on a project. Nearly 80% of visitors are on mobile, so responsiveness and mobile-first are my goals while developing a website.

Creative Mind

I've always thought that work is an expression of one's personality: a piece of code is no less creative than a well-made layout, and a layout is only successful when it turns technical limitations into strengths.

Design for Users

Designing engaging and meaningful user experiences is a competitive advantage to differentiate yourself from your competitors, satisfy your customers and, consequently, achieve your business goals.

Clean and clear code

I use clean and modular code with methodologies such as BEM and preprocessors such as SASS/SCSS. So, no need to worry about the code!

SEO-Friendly Websites

I implement basic to advanced SEO techniques on each site for better search engine rankings.


From building your website to maintaining the availability and performance of it, rest assured you're all covered.

Coding Skills



JavaScript & Jquery










Partners & Clients

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